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Jamison, PA, March 1, 2021—Physicians Endoscopy announces their brand expansion to PE GI Solutions (PE) which includes a holistic service model offering to GI specialists. In an effort to continue advancing the business of digestive care, PE is expanding their brand to recognize the already successful move into practice management and development from their existing services in Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) management and development.

In August 2019, Physicians Endoscopy and Capital Digestive Care (CDC), one of the largest GI groups in the country, entered into a strategic joint venture partnership. This led to the formation of a Practice Solutions platform, designed to support and improve the performance of independent GIs and their practices—enhancing PE’s existing services for GIs and their ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs).

With the expansion to PE GI Solutions, PE’s robust service model combines key strengths and capabilities of the existing partnership with Capital Digestive Care and the Practice Solutions platform with PE’s Center Solutions platform. All existing partnerships, including with Capital Digestive Care, will remain intact with the expanded brand identity.

“We are moving forward and expanding our comprehensive solutions to GI providers. The brand expansion takes us closer to the patients by being involved in the practice side as well—having the ability to provide GI physicians with support services to cover the spectrum of care from the practice, to ancillary services, and all the way to ASCs,” says David Young, President and CEO of PE GI Solutions.

The practice and center platforms provide two strategic partnership opportunities under a shared services model. The PE Practice Solutions platform specializes in aligning business growth objectives of GIs through investment opportunities to improve and grow practices while maintaining physician independence. The PE Center Solutions platform specializes in the development and management of freestanding, single-specialty endoscopic ASCs through aligned investments and collaboration with practicing physicians, health systems, and hospitals.

“The shared service model is unique in that it is a holistic solution designed for the GI physician,” says Young. “Through a series of strategies, it helps GI physicians run their businesses, remain independent, and gain more time to focus on delivering quality care to patients.”

With the expanded service offering, PE GI Solutions is uniquely positioned in the GI industry to provide support at all touchpoints across the GI patient care journey—from entering the practice for GI care to getting a procedure.

“We believe there is a large population who need care for various GI requirements. We need to provide operational and clinical excellence support for our provider partners to ensure quality patient care,” says Young. “This is not based on a single patient episode or visit, but it includes a lifetime of care for the many needs GI patients have. Some may have episodic needs, and others require more long-term management—we can provide services to our partners to support their delivery of quality care to patients throughout their entire journey.”

This exciting expansion to PE GI Solutions will benefit physicians and patients alike—when patients seek out PE GI Solutions-partnered practices and/or centers, they can expect to receive the most appropriate and efficient care throughout their entire patient journey.


About PE GI Solutions

PE GI Solutions specializes in providing integrated business strategies and insights for GI specialists and healthcare partners to help their practices, ASCs, and ancillary services grow and thrive through professional management, aligned investments, and strategic partnerships. PE focuses on opportunities to preserve physician independence, as well as improving financial and clinical outcomes that drive quality patient care. Recognized as the largest single-specialty developer, investor, and manager, PE GI Solutions is the trusted business partner exclusively serving gastroenterologists for over 20 years. To learn more about PE GI Solutions, please visit