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JAMISON, Pa., Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Five Physicians Endoscopy partner ambulatory surgery centers have received the 2020 National APEX Quality Award. The Endoscopy Center of Niagara, Laredo Digestive Health Center, Long Island Center for Digestive Health, PGC Center for Excellence, and South Broward Endoscopy Center were recognized as the highest performing healthcare facilities within their healthcare peer grouping. Awarded annually by SPH Analytics, recipients of the APEX Quality Award are determined solely by patient satisfaction measures. APEX, traditionally meaning highest point, is defined by SPH Analytics as “Attributes for Patient Excellence”.

The five partner centers are among the 638 healthcare facilities eligible for the award and the 119 facilities awarded. The list includes 88 ambulatory surgery centers, 12 physician practices and clinics, 14 endoscopy centers, three diagnostic imaging centers, and two catheterization labs. Winners represent the top 10% of all SPH clients. The patient satisfaction scoring comes from direct patient feedback and evidence-based care success over the past calendar year.

The Endoscopy Center of Niagara is of one of two outpatient centers for the Gastroenterology Associates, LLP practice seeing patients in Williamsville, Wheatfield, and Orchard Park, NY. The Endoscopy Center of Niagara was a hospital joint venture that opened in 2014 as a satellite location of the Endoscopy Center of Western New York. The five physician partners include Christopher Bartolone, MD; Peter Bloom, MD; David Garson, MD; Yogesh Maheshwari, MD; and Naima Mian, DO.

Laredo Digestive Health Center is three-physician endoscopy center opened in 2009 in partnership with Physicians Endoscopy. Partners Anthony Galan, MD; Elsa Canales, MD; and Alfredo Camaro, MD; treat patients of the Greater San Antonio area.

Long Island Center for Digestive Health is an outpatient endoscopy center serving patients of the adjacent practice, Gastroenterology Associates. The seven physician partners partnered with PE to build Long Island Center for Digestive Health in 2001. Partners include E. Michael Sullivan, DO; Andrew Rosenberg, MD; Felice Mirsky, MD; Gary Schwartz, MD; Leonard Stein, MD; Perry Gould, MD; and Robert Bartolomeo, MD.

PGC Center for Excellence is a four-physician and four-physician assistant endoscopy center for the adjoining practice, Philadelphia Gastroenterology Consultants. Physicians Mark Tanker, DO; Corey Brotz, MD; Daniel Sher, MD; and Shiban Reina, MD; partnered with Physicians Endoscopy in 2015.

South Broward Endoscopy Center is a hospital joint venture partnership serving the patients of the Gastro Health practice in Hollywood, Florida. The eight physician partners include Enrique Molina, MD; Alix Lanoue, MD; Baaz Mishiev, MD; Barry Migicovsky, MD; David Weiss, MD; Jeffrey Kaner, MD; Leon Maratchi, MD; and Joel Stengel, MD.

“PE is proud to partner with these five industry-leading centers,” says David Young, President and CEO of Physicians Endoscopy. “We strive to help our centers achieve clinical and operational excellence to advance patient outcomes, so an award based on patient satisfaction is the ultimate sign of a successful partnership.”